my story

My name is Mimi Brown. I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska with a feeling that that town was too small for me. I wasn't sure what I was meant to do or called to do -- but I knew it would be something that would impact the masses. I left the day after I graduated high school for Washington DC. I learned the power of who I am at Howard University. I’m a journalista.

Being a journalist and having a voice that shapes and creates a narrative is something I don't take lightly. I understand the responsibility of making sure I use my platform to highlight injustices and educate others about our culture in a world that often overlooks us. 
But I also get to tell stories about the dopest chick in the game who throws events for all the celebrities and talk to the flyest fashion stylist in Inglewood who may not be getting her just due. 

At the heart of my success, I’m a journalist using my platform to do everything from highlighting injustices, educating the world on OUR culture, and telling the stories of the dopest chicks in the game who may not be getting her just due.

I started as an intern for Distinctive Assets. They were a gifting suite back in the day that supplied ALL the award shows with gifts for the celebrities. This allowed me to go to all the awards shows and meet celebs as they came to pick up their swag. But one day I met a journalist in the gifting suite, and I went up to her and said I want to do what you do, and she surprisingly she gave me her card and told me to come to the Us Weekly office the next day. When I got there she introduced me to everyone and they offered me a job as a club reporter. I worked as a club reporter for 2 years, going out every night until I couldn't do it anymore. I switched to events and started covering everything from the Oscars, to the Bet Awards.

It was on one of those event carpets I met a cameraman who worked for FoxLA. I asked him if he could get me a job there. He told me he would get me and interview and I got myself that job. 


My typical workday

I talk with producers, other talent about celebrity guests we have coming in for the day. We go over all materials and prepare for our interviews, talk to the directors and make sure all of our elements are ready to go, then we go live!!

Where is your hometown?

anchorage, alska

Most likely to binge watch

Lifetime Movies

If you could meet one person deaD or alive, it would be:

Malcolm X 

My drink of choice


On my days off the first thing I do is

head to the car wash

My go-to outfit is

crop top and leggings

The best title I have is

Mom to my son Landan 

I am deathly afraid of


if i could eat one food for the rest of my life


i've worked with



I am the Host and Producer of the podcast,
"Becoming Dope with Mimi Brown." I interview celebrities, leading experts and influencers about their life and career success.

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